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Sparkware Technologies

Bucharest, Bucharest

Full Time

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Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Nov. 11, 2019

We are looking for a full stack developer with a good sense and experience on web development, to join an involved team of developers, and create software to be proud of.

The projects you will be working on, have a central importance in our multinational organization: they are the casino web client(~85% of work) and the development and testing tools ecosystem accompanying it.

Our projects use mainly:
  - TypeScript, JavaScript ES6, ReactJS with TS, SASS and Angular 7 on front-end
  - C#/.Net, MSSQL on back-end
We care a lot about code and product quality and about having the right processes in place for this.
CI/CD, unit testing, E2E automation and production monitoring are part of our daily activities, supported by dedicated DevOps teams.

Why join us?
  - the team atmosphere, passionate and with a strong interest, AND management support, for writing quality code and following best practices
  - professional development plans, with budget, within a friendly team vibe
  - knowledge sharing is one of our super-powers, and you can have it too
  - daily casual atmosphere, with nice little events to remind us that each success deserves celebration, but also big crazy parties twice a year
  - exposure to multinational and multicultural environment, with only the Romanian community having more than 300 members and continuing to grow fast
  - we are not an outsourced company and we own the product, with all the advantages derived from this
  - we do have cookies

Why not join us?
  - because you don't care about the quality of the code you write, as long as you deliver the feature
  - because you think unit testing is useless and you do it only because some manager said so
  - because your code smells, but you're doing your best to hide it
  - because you don't like new technologies, and prefer to stay with what you know already
  - because you're very formal and can't stand people joking at work
  - because you're on a diet, and can't resist cookies

What we think you should have / be:

  - good knowledge of TypeScript, JavaScript ES 6 and above, ReactJs (with TS) framework
  - good knowledge of C#/.Net back-end development
  - 3+ years of full stack web development experience